Commercial Cleaning

Services:  We at Scott's Janitorial Services can provide you with a custom quote to meet any office need.  Below is a basic list of services to be performed on the job.  You will notice that there is no feather dusting as everything is hand wiped.  



Office Area

·         Hand wipe desk and accessories

·         Hand wipe cubicles, computer screens, file cabinets, and picture frames

·         Vacuum all carpet thoroughly


Kitchen, Break, and Lunch Room

·         Countertops and sinks are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

·         Tables and chairs are wiped clean using a disinfectant

·         Microwaves are cleaned inside and out


Entrance, Lobby Area, Reception, 

·         Wipe clean entrance glass and door frame

·         All desktops, chairs, tables, and other furnishings will be hand wiped and polished

·         Mats are vacuumed thoroughly



·         All toilets, urinals, and sinks are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

·         All chrome and stainless steel fixtures are polished



·         Vacuum all carpet

·         Sweep and mop all tile floors

·         Empty all trash receptacles

·         Polish all glass 

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