Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Scott’s Janitorial Services has been providing the Houston area with over 15 years of carpet cleaning experience.  We can custom tailor a quote to make your carpet look new again.  Scott’s Janitorial Services provides two types of carpet cleaning services.


Complete Care Service includes a thorough cleaning of the carpet resulting in removal of stains, dust, allergens, and unwanted contaminates from the carpet resulting in cleaner, healthy work environment.


Maintenance Service includes the same technique as the Complete care but can be performed on a regular biases to areas that require more attention such as entryways, hallways, and high traffic areas thus resulting in an affordable solution between complete cleanings.



First, the area will be thoroughly vacuumed, removing dust, allergens and large debris.  Then, we apply a pre-treatment solution and that will be allowed to sit and release contaminates and any set in stains.  Finally, we apply a Hot water rinse, and immediately extract along with the released soil using three high power vacuums.



Our services include:


·         Free Estimates

·         Vacuum

·         Move and Replace Furniture

·         Pre Spray

·         Deodorize

·         Apply Scotch Guard

·         Attention to Detail


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